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Baby Blog

Mom of Jason

It’s been almost 6 years since we visited Dr. Stoelk and staff to try IVF. Our son Jason who is now 5 years old. :-) We cannot thank everyone enough!

Would do it again in a heart beat

I am a 38 year old woman who got re-married mid life. I had previously had my tubes tided 11 years prior to visiting nwfc. When I re-married, my husband and I wanted our own child. We had children separate but none together. I was also missing an ovary due to a tuner 14 years earlier. So my chances to conceive was cut in half. My husband and I are a low income family so spending that kind of cash for a 75% chance was a very hard decision. However thanks to Dr stoelk and his team the Ivf procedure worked the first time around. On January 19th at 8:01 am we welcomed Jenason into our world. Dr stoelk was very supportive yet realistic and down to earth at the same time. If I had the $$ to do it again I would not hesitate. Thank you Dr. Stoelk for making my dream come true. you truly are an amazing doctor.

Thankful Each Day for our Miracle!

We can’t thank Dr. Stoelk and the staff at NW Fertility Center enough for helping us bring our miracle into this world. We felt that Dr. Stoelk not only wanted to help us, but truly cared about us and our dream to one day finally become parents. Getting our son was not easy; egg donor IVF with a surrogate was a complex process, but NW Fertility Center was there to ease our way. The minute he was born, every ounce of heartache from our own struggles disappeared.

Bryce is 7 weeks old now, and we truly feel like our life is complete. Everyone says a baby will turn your world upside down, but for us, he turned ours right side up. We will be forever grateful to our friends at NW Fertility.

Our little miracle

I am so excited that I get to join the group of moms and dads getting to share their success stories on here. The only reason I waited this long to post, is that I had to keep pinching myself to convince myself that I wasn’t dreaming. It is really happening for us. We are having a baby!! If you are just beginning your journey, I hope you read this and believe that it will happen for you, too. It will !!

My husband and I were unsure what options were available to us to be able to fulfill our dream of have a baby together, since he had a vasectomy over 16 years ago, (after having 4 daughters and) thinking his baby factory was closed for good.

We had a couple of consultations with other fertility clinics, but they all left us feeling empty. It seemed as if we were buying a used car, not planning for our family. I left one of the clinics in tears, thinking I would never realize my dream of becoming a mom. Enter Dr. Stoelk and his amazing staff. We were greeted by warm, friendly, professionals, and a team who sincerely had our best interest at heart . Dr. Stoelk was able to detail a plan that fit our budget and our specific fertility needs. I can not say enough about the professionalism and caring of Dr. Stoelk’s entire team!! They always made themselves available to us for questions, concerns, billing questions, advice, and just a shoulder to lean on in this exhausting, but worth-it process. We truly felt as if they were our second family and held our hand every step of the way.

We paid to have PGD testing done so that my husband could finally have the baby boy he has longed for for years. That said, sometimes there is no force greater than Mother Nature. I am 14 weeks pregnant, and expecting a healthy baby…GIRL the beginning of June!!!

At our final appointment with Dr. Stoelk, we didn’t feel ready to let go of this team who we had grown so attached to over the past several months, we would have stayed until our daughter graduated high school if he had let us, but it was a happy graduation day!

There are no words of thanks that could begin to express our gratitude to Dr. Stoelk and his team for helping make this dream come true for us.

Our most sincere and long THANK YOU for everything, we will be in touch with updates and pictures soon.

Kristin, Juan, and Baby girl O.

Cutie eating corn...

We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us! God bless you all and the work you do everyday. Floyd baby

3 years of blessings

10336699_10152687726049416_5710826207870850000_nIt has been 4 years since our first visit to Dr. Stoelk and 3 years since our blessing was born. Thank you again for all the love and support you showed us, and for the amazing blessing we have to complete our family

Sweet Baby Girls - UPDATE

Just an update, our girls are now 17 month old happy and very active toddlers. We are grateful everyday for Dr. Stoelk and his team!

Our happy boys

We are so happy to have worked with the NW Fertility Team. We came in feeling defeated and frustrated and walked out with our prayers and dreams answered. We are now parents of two 7 month old identical twin boys.
Thank you!

Baby Girl Blake

Baby Vandomelen



Little Austin

The only thing I really have to say is that we both wish we would have come to Dr. Stoelk a lot sooner! 

Aaron and Kandee 

Baby Lindquist

Baby Ryan

Here is a picture of sweet Baby Ryan, born on July 24, 2014. Thank you to Dr. Stoelk and his staff for helping us to make our happy little family complete.

Baby Ryan

Baby Jacob

Dr. Stoelk and his staff are absolutely fantastic. They made the whole process easy to understand and have helped us bring our beautiful Jacob into the world. It was such a blessing that we found his clinic. Baby Stewart

For this child I have prayed

Brad and I wish to sincerely thank Dr. Stoelk and the wonderful staff at NW Fertility Center who helped us finally realize our dream of becoming parents. Words cannot express how blessed we feel upon the arrival of our son. Thank you for helping us on this journey to conceive him. He is the joy of our lives and we are forever grateful to you. We look forward to working with you again, as we grow our family!

Beautiful baby girl


A huge thank you to Dr. Stoelk and his staff for making our dreams of becoming parents a reality. From the very first visit Dr. Stoelk, Tina, and Milly made us feel like family! They truly care about each and every one of their patients. Dr. Stoelk was very optimistic and caring but never gave us false hope. After 3 or 4 failed IUI’s we decided to try IVF. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Abby Rae on June 20th 2014. We will never forget how you changed our lives!!!

Love, Randy and Martina

Thank you for our little blessing!

Baby Merrell





After two miscarriages my husband and I were pretty worn down physically and emotionally. My OB referred me to Dr. Stoelk to find out what was going on and if it weren’t for that referral I doubt we would have our little Isaac today. We loved how Dr. Stoelk sat us down in his office that first visit and talked frankly with us about what he thought the issue was and how optimistic he was that we could have a viable pregnancy. He was very sympathetic about what we had gone through, he was truthful, open, and acted as if he had all the time in the world to talk with us, not like some doctors where you feel you have to talk fast while they watch the clock. Anyway, after about six months we found out we were pregnant and we now have a beautiful baby boy. The process wasn’t always easy and could be frustrating at times when the pregnancy tests came up negative but Dr. Stoelk remained optimistic and encouraging. And when that positive pregnancy test did finally show up, wow, what a wonderful feeling. Thank you Dr. Stoelk!


Baby Groves backBaby Groves Front


Dear Dr. Stoelk, Tina, Mildred and Team, 

Eric and I want to thank you for all your amazing support and care as we went through our long IVF process. We are so lucky and blessed with a perfect little boy. Andrew would not have been possible without you and we cannot express how grateful we are that we had you to help us with our fertility issues. We will see you again when we try for #2:)

Thank you for everything

Eric and Danielle 

Holiday babies

Poon Xmas 2013

Thank You!

familyThanks again for all of your help! Here is the picture of us at the hospital. Mom and Adelyn and now home and doing very well and healthy! We couldn’t be happier.

Our Miracle

My husband and I had been trying for 4.5 years and went through 4 failed IUI’s with Kaiser before we started looking in to other options. Before we heard about Dr. Stoelk, we had looked into a different clinic Kaiser referred us to and after meeting with them, I felt uncomfortable and scared. We waited a bit not knowing what to do and then a good friend referred us to Dr. Stoelk and his office. He came with the highest recommendations and we soon realized that this was more than true! We met with him for our first consultation and I immediately felt at ease. Dr. Stoelk and his staff are warm, welcoming, and friendly. We received the best care and service through everything! I have no complaints and actually wish we could keep going there throughout the pregnancy! Best of all, we are 10 weeks pregnant with our first baby! Our miracle, thanks to Dr. Stoelk.

A true miracle at 50 years old

I was one of those women who worked a lot and didn’t want to settle for less. I woke up one day to find that I needed children. After being grilled by potential physicians about mental evaluations and wether I had a dog who slobbered too much, I happened to find Dr Stoelk MD on the internet. Our meeting was amazingly private, detailed, and he didn’t make me feel as if I was being interviewed for the gift of a child. The procedure was done so professionally and all high tech devices were used to accomplish a successful pregnancy the very first time. We couldn’t be happier and our child is smart, beautiful and even looks exactly like our other family members. Here’s our beloved child Lylie.


I appreciated the personalized care making me feel like I was the only patient they had. I had called other clinics and it was going to take a month to get in , Dr. Stoelk and his team was able to see me within a week. He was very informative, every step of the way, I never felt rushed, he took time to answer every question I had. And most importantly, their methods were successful!! We are expecting our first child in May.

Sweet Baby Girls

Brogren girls

After 5 years, one other fertility clinic and several failed attempts we found Dr. Stoelk and his amazing team. With their guidance and support we decided to take a leap of faith and try IVF. After thousands of prayers and gallons of tears Dr. Stoelk compassionately informed us that things didn’t look good this round and to prepare for the worst, but to all of our surprise (Dr. Stoelk included) it worked on the first try…and SURPRISE, you’re having twins!!! On March 18, 2013 after 38 weeks and 3 days our beautiful baby girls were born, Sophia Nicole (6 lbs 4 oz) and Madelyn Grace (6 lbs 7 oz). Dr. Stoelk and his team were there to support us in the best and potentially worse possible outcome and we are forever grateful. They are now a little over 4 months old and we couldn’t be happier!

Gifts from God!

2012-08-10 19_17_50

After 6 years of trying to have a baby, we were referred to NW Fertility Clinic. We were so nervous and scared to try again after so many failures, but a WONDERFUL Dr. Stoelk and his AMAZING team were so caring and compassionate. We eventually ended up doing IVF and were blessed from the good Lord above with two precious baby girls. NW Fertility team, you will always have a special place in mine and Justin’s hearts, thank you for caring so much for couples like us. You are a small light of hope in the dark depression of infertility.

Little adorable Poons

We are extremely happy to introduce our TWINS. Emma Grace and Ethan Brendan were born via C-Section on 3.8.13. They are well and healthy. They are precious and adorable.

Thank you for doing what you do. We can’t thank you and your wonderful staff enough for making our dreams come true. There are no words that can express how grateful we are for what you and your caring staff have done for us.

Last but not least, you’ve given us the greatest gift we’ll ever receive.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Little Johnny

Baby Shiro 2

It’s been a long journey for my wife and I to reach our goal of having a child.  This journey has taken us on a leap of faith that has directed us to the NW Fertility center, office of Dr. Stoelk.  The minute we entered Dr. Stoelk’s private office and talked to Dr. Stoelk he made us feel at ease.  This man of faith listened to our dream of having a child and our concerns about my wife reaching her 40th Birthday and my concern of being much older than my wife.  The compassion of Dr. Stoelk and the professional way of him laying out the procedures and schedule of what would take place each step of the way.  It was the encouragement of Dr. Stoelk for us to do another procedure even when my wife had two miscarriages.  Both my wife and I highly recommend Dr. Stoelk to any couple who is praying and dreaming of having a child.  It is so important to have a doctor who has compassion, love, and support and most of all faith.   That is what we found in Dr. Stoelk.  His encouragement has kept both my wife and I to continue our journey to have a child to the end.  Now we have a child to hold in our arms and we thank God for this bundle of joy in our lives.

Thank you God and Dr. Stoelk and staff for making our dreams come true.
Gie & Victor




Worth the wait

Baby A Baby B

After 4 1/2 years of trying, 3 other fertility clinics and many failed attempts to conceive, we finally found Dr.Stoelk. He was kind, understanding and made our dreams come true. The staff is amazing, and we are forever grateful to all of them. Our boys Colt and Easton were born March 8th, both beautiful and healthy.

Love Kyle and Morgan

Beyond our wildest dreams!

Hanging MarcusWe met later in life after thinking that neither one of us would ever get married much less get to have children. When I was finally diagnosed with premature ovarian failure after a couple years of trying to conceive, we were heartbroken but undeterred. We are so grateful that we found ourselves in Dr. Stoelk’s clinic and now have our beautiful baby boy! This never would have been possible without his gentle guidance and expertise. We never felt like a number and felt completely supported throughout the entire process. Thank you for making our wildest dreams a reality – Marcus is the absolute joy of our lives!!!

Little piece of heaven

Baby Floyd








Dear Dr. Stoelk, Tina, Mildred & Team,

Ruby was born 3+ weeks early a healthy, beautiful girl on 12-23-2012! our tax write off haha! she was born at 7:35 pm weighing in at 6lbs 11oz & 19” Thank you for helping us thru this most exciting time of our lives! she is our little piece of heaven.

Happy, healthy new year to you all. Be back to see you before you know it.

xoxo Dusty, Jason and Ruby

P.S. you know I went natural & I was doing push-ups, sit-ups & sprints in the delivery room! I was in labor from 2:30pm until 7:35pm that night! It was quite a scene hahaha!

Finally, our family is complete

We tried to get pregnant for about a year before turning to a fertility specialist. We ended up going to another clinic that my gym had referred my husband and I to. After a couple failed attempts we were told to give up hope of ever having a child. Heart broken, we decided not to give up and went to see Dr. Stoelk for a second opinion. Our first round of IVF, we got a handsome baby boy. Praying for one more during an embryo transfer, we got beautiful twin girls. After the heartbreak of never knowing if we would have kids, Dr. Stoelk answered our prayers and never gave up on us!

7 was our Lucky number

We tried everything possible to get pregnant for 7 years and finally decided to bite the bullet and move forward with IVF Feb 2012. It was the best decision we ever made because now we are parents to the 2 cutest little boys Chase and Pierce! Thank you so much to the whole NW Fertility team for making all our dreams come true. You were a blessing to us and we continue to recommend you to our friends! Here’s the boys at birth born at 36 weeks after 11 weeks on hospital and home bed rest and the 2nd is of Chase and Pierce at 8 weeks old already 9 & 10 lbs!!

completed family

For two years I thought about picking up the phone to make an appointment. I am so glad that we finally did. We welcomed our perfect baby boy into our lives in 2011 and our life is complete now. I only wish we had done it sooner! The compassion you and your staff showed us during our journey only added to our experience; you helped us to not feel like we were less for not becoming pregnant on our own. Sometimes people need help and I am so thankful that we chose you.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us complete our family.

Merry Christmas

From our little angel Ara Belle, she’s getting so big! We are still so thankful for helping us, our baby Belle is such a joy. We have much to be thankful for this Christmas.
She was 5 months old Dec. 4- going by so fast!

Mark and Isabel are 1!

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the miracle you helped us create. These two are so remarkable. They’ve been a beacon for us. Without them, we would not have had their sister. We will be coming back in the near future. Your helping us on this journey has meant so much, after 6 miscarriages and uterine surgery, a dream has come true.

Thank you so much!

Our little Rooney

My mother had four children with no problems but after my third miscarriage, we sought out Dr. Stoelk. With some lasers, luck and a lot of drugs, our daughter Rooney was born in May 2012. There are not enough words to thank you for making this dream a reality. She is an absolute joy. Thank you!

our little angel

Thank you for our beautiful daughter.

You have given our family a sibling for my son and a little angel that has just melted all of our hearts.

Submitted by Franchesca


As we start our journey for our second child we thank you for the beautiful baby boy. Riley is perfect and we could not have done it without you.

Submitted by Krissy and Derek


Riley James Stocker

Lilly M.

So glad you are doing the blog! we are so overjoyed with our baby girl and so grateful to you all for your help that we could shout it from the rooftops! if we can help another couple make the same decision after reading our story the we will have done our part to pay it forward. Thank you!!!!

It's a boy!

Our Little Miracles

Growing Boy


Dr. Stoelk,

Thank you for all that you did for us. We are doing great and our baby boy is growing quickly. Thank you and God Bless.

Larua and Ryan

To think it all started

Flower Girl

Dr. Stoelk and Staff,

Thank you for your help and support during our journey to become parents. We are blessed with a perfect baby girl!

Rob and Lauren

Twin Boys!

Dr. Stoelk, We never knew what to expect with twins but when they arrived we seemed to just spring into action. Thank you for these two blessings that you helped God Deliver to us. We can’t imagine life without them.

Strawberry Baby

12 years ago...

I was a patient of his 12 years ago. Please tell him how happy I am and what a great daughter I have. She has been accepted into the Exeter Summer program in New Hampshire. She is trilingual and speaks some Arabic. There isn’t a day that goes by when I am not in awe of having a daughter. Thank you Dr. Stoelk!

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from our baby blog


Thank you for all that you do!! Here is our little August miracle. We never really thought that a child was in our future but thanks to you and your wonderful work we have our little guy, Elijah. God has blessed us in a way that was only possible through you! Thank You

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